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Local Lawsuit - Essay Example

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In the paper “Local Lawsuit” the author analyzes the most gigantic scuffle in the technological world – recent attack of Samsung towards Apple after the launch of the iPhone 5. According to a recent court filing, Samsung asked the jurisdiction in Korea to include the iPhone 5 in the countersuit claim…

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Local Lawsuit

According to most researchers, the iPhone 5 has similar functionality like the previous versions of the iPhone. This information was released by Samsung in order to verify the infringement of patents by the iPhone. The gripe of Samsung against Apple originally arose from the iPhone 5 support for LTE (Cole, 2012). This fussy case comprises of two standard, essential patents and six utility patents that are not related to the LTE patent portfolio.
Most corporations prefer to compete in the marketplace with ground-breaking products. However, this contest is exempted from the court rooms. On the other hand, Apple is continually aggressive in most of the legal measures, which limit its competition in the business market. Therefore, in this situation the company ensures that they abide by the expectations of the law, in order to protect their innovations and intellectual property rights. Further research in the world of technology asserts that HTC also wanted to take legal action against Apple after the introduction of the iPhone 5 (Parish, 2011). The most recent case facing Apple affirms that Samsung has a high probability of delighting in confidence from its legal triumph.
The attack on the iPhone 5 was validated after Judge Koh dissolved the sales ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Cole, 2012). Earlier in the year, the judge had granted an injunction on the tablet after they were suspicious that it had copied the hardware design of Apple’s iPad. ...
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