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Court analysis

language of the court, are provided interpreters by the Courts who interpret the language of the accused and the defendant in order to come to the bottom of the case. The judge relies heavily on the language used by the interpreter in order to write down his judgment and provide his theory of justice with respect to the pertaining case.
One of the major shortcomings of this process off later has been privatization. In the current context the process of interpreting the dialogue of an accused or a witness inside the Court has bee privatized in most of the countries as of today, including England. And there have been some negative results of this trade, as the courts are not satisfied that the kind of work these private agencies are doing is upto the minimum standard of the Courts. It has also been alleged that those who all are working as interpreters in the Court of England have been handled very badly and have not been treated well enough by the agency, which hired them.
One of the other trends, which have been significant off late in the field of interpretation services in Courts, is the fact that the art of Court interpretation has been heavily institutionalized by the private sector. The private sector has been playing the dominant role in making this process completely seamless in the way it functions.
The future management issues pertaining to interpretation of language in Courts consists of improving the pay scale of the interpreters along with trying to include more and more people into the institution who are well qualified to take up the job of interpretation.
The future requires a well-qualified stream of interpreters who are able to take up the job of interpretation in an extremely skilled and smart manner. These interpreters should have a judicial knowledge of the laws pertaining to the case and should be able to give the judge an unbiased and honest view of the case. It is imperative to have skilled interpreters who are able to take up this ...
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This research paper shall be addressing the issues pertaining to the Court services along with the victim’s rights and the administration of Courts as of today. The paper shall be divided into two parts, the first part shall address the management and the issues pertaining to…
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