Writing My Constitution - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Writing My Constitution

The paper is a good example of how to create a constitution. The author tries to provide a constitution for the democratic society. The writer enumerates their constitution's goals. They are: the constitution will strive to defend the rights of the people. The constitution will ensure that there will be free and fair elections.The constitution will ensure that an oppressive taxation system is not implemented. The constitution will ensure a fair judicial system is in place. The constitution can be amended by the people to suit the people’s will. The constitution will ensure that a stable government that serves the people is formed. The constitution’s are in accordance with those of a democratic government, as it aspires to provide freedom and equality to all the citizens. The articles in the constitution written by the author address such points: Citizenship, elections, voting, basic rights of the people, the judiciary, government funding, property rights, and amending the constitution. These articles are intending to define who is a citizen, the rights of the citizens, how these rights are protected, the responsibilities of the citizens, and the limits of the Government. The author discusses each article of the constitution in depth. The offered constitution is comprehensive, but bears the ability to expand upon. The author concludes the most important part of the constitution is enabling citizens to participate in their own future by being included as participants in the Government activities.

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The paper dwells on the notion of constitution, its definition, constituents, and its historic necessity. The author creates their own constitution sample stipulating its main goals. The imaginary constitution is written for the country with the democratic type of system…
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