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Research Paper
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The correct tools must be used in collecting the evidence and the tools used should be changed frequently to avoid cross contamination. Gloves should…

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These contaminants can affect the entire results of DNA profiling and should be avoided. In regard to analysis of DNA the most significant contaminants involve cross contamination which arises from non-related samples other than the sample being tested. The effect of these contaminants is that it can skew the results of the test and give inaccurate results (Butler, 2011).
Some notable court cases involving contamination of DNA include the O.J Simpson case and the Amanda Knox case. In both these cases the court struck out DNA evidence because of the possibility of the evidence being contaminated. The outcomes of these cases are favorable for contamination of DNA evidence compromises the results of the test and renders the evidence unreliable and as such should not be used to convict suspects.
DNA profiling is an important aspect in the criminal justice system because it provides the courts the possibility to determine whether blood, saliva or other biological substances located at the scene of crime belong to the person accused of committing the crime. The use of DNA evidence is essential to the courts as it is an accurate method for suspect identification (Remillard, et al. 2013).
Remillard, E. M., Taylor, L. K., Layshock, J., Van Cuyk, S., & Omberg, K. M. (2013). Detecting laboratory DNA contamination using polyester-rayon wipes: A method validation study. Journal of microbiological methods, 92 (3), ...
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