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Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada v.V. Bell Canada - Annotated Bibliography Example

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Annotated Bibliography
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To their surprise, the court ruled out they were not supposed to be entitled to any royalties. This decision followed a series of many cases that had been presented in the court…

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Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada v.V. Bell Canada

The copyright board had stated that a certain high school should pay the royalties for copying material form a given textbook. However, the court ruled out the statement and stated that the high school should pay no royalties to the board. The decision was made even after the board stated that the material was not used in a fair deal as the copyright legislation states.
In a certain case that covered the issue of music downloads, the lower court decided that the society of composers, authors and music publishers should collect royalties from the individuals downloading the music or videos. The royalties of the copyright are recognized and approved by the copyright board of Canada. This copyright stated that those individuals who did not agree to pay the royalties; the board should seek for judicial help and then sue them in the federal court of appeal. On the other hand, the Supreme Court turned down the decision made by the lower court. The supreme disagreed with the fact that the board should collect royalties from individuals downloading music from the internet. The Supreme Court stated that the telecommunications companies or organizations that give music services to customers won’t pay any royalties to the copyright collection agencies. The court said that they will pay a royalty to copy the song but if the organization transmits the song to another person or customer, it should not pay.
The society of composers, authors and music publishers presented an appeal case to the court following the court’s decision on the payment of royalties upon music downloads. The organization stated that the use of the music was not under their copyright constitution. Their constitution stated that the use of downloaded music or videos should be done on affair dealing. The society then presented their rights to the court which included ...
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