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Organizational Structure

The 70/20/10 Rule is applicable to all employees; with 70% of day hours focused on management delegated duties, 20% diverted to daily idea generations or new projects while remaining 10% devoted to new idea specific to employees’ choice (Cordes, 2013, p. 78).
NRO is led by director (DNRO), who is appointed by Defense’s Secretary in conjunction with Director of National Intelligence reporting to Secretary of Defense closely working with DNI and has supervises NRO’s responsibility with respect to its operational and management. Besides, there is Principal Deputy Director of NRO who is overseeing activities of NRO while coordinating and answerable to DNRO, executing NRO’s daily management as delegated by DNRO as well standing in for DNRO in case of absentia.
The deputy Director of NRO who is an Air force General Officer exists and helps both PDDNRO and DNRO with operation of NRO as well as attached as senior Officer to uniformed and civilian Air Force NRO’s employees while coordinating NRO and Air Force’s operations. There exists other directorates; Signal Intelligence System Acquisition , Mission Intelligence, Corporate Staff, Deputy Director for Business Plans and Operations, Communications Systems Acquisition Directorate, Mission Operation , Management Services and Operations, System Engineering Directorate, Office of Space Launch, Ground Enterprise and Advance Systems and Technology Director that have served to ensure its uniqueness in successful operations.
The structure is operated based on five regional centers and three directorates. There are four divisions of DIA’s regional centers and a functional center tracking and unearthing the Agency’s performance with respect to its regional responsibilities. The directorate of Operations is accountable for intelligence operations; Defense Attache System representing United States ...
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Its management activities flows from board of directors through executive management group en route to junior employees and support…
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