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Utterly, the introduction to American legal system book seventh edition is overly an enlightenment book thus relates with various justice books. This book is written in a style that relates to other legal entity books hence it collectively permits the students to understand the law subject thoroughly. This research paper reviews the book; introduction to American legal system, seventh edition by; Enika H. Schulze, P. Michael Jung and Rebecca P. Adams.
This book fits with other legal readings on law topic through its ideological presentations of a general view the structure of the legal system, the criminal justice system and the federal courts. Per se, in almost all the readings regarding the American legal entity, the federal courts, legal system and criminal justice must be collectively deliberated. The specified concepts in the introduction to American legal system book nonetheless are complex in order to boost the legal framework’s understanding of the students. These topical presentations include; contracts, torts, real property, wills and intestate succession. Additional topics shared overly by the other reading materials coincidentally include the judging mechanisms, defence attorney’s court presentation and the constitutional implications of the prosecution chambers in the American legal structure. Any legal reading material must provide for a chapter on legal research. The introduction to American legal system contemporarily consists of a chapter on legal research; this chapter is basically included in order to orient the students on the issues relating to law, techniques of legal research and legal materials.
Firstly, the introduction to American legal system book provides a better understanding of the prosecution, defence attorney and judging system by tracing back the origin and sources of American law. One of such sources is known as the common ...
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The book vividly describes the prosecutor, defence attorney and judge’s legal presentations before the American judicial system…
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