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Reflective Journal - Assignment Example

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The parties affected by the case were the state of Hungary and Gabcikoveo-Nagymaros. Hungary considered the project an environmental ‘peril’ it affects the natural environment. The relevant law governing this was…

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Reflective Journal

I got inspired by the elaboration on this charter that was a binding instrument, and its purpose was to encourage co-operation centred on solidarity and reciprocity for good use of the Niger River hydrographical area. An inter alia was established to assist states in technical matters (Elmualim, Valle and Kwawu, 2012)
Correct waste disposal methods is a concept I gained interest and must be initiated to avoid disposal of solid waste in water bodies, which can affect the marine flora and fauna. Sewerages must be constructed to ensure waste is directed to the right path and avoid contamination of water bodies (Wu, McKay and Hemphill, 2010).
The right to prevent intrusion to an economic exclusive zone. This is an area beyond and the area adjoining to a territorial sea governed by a state. I am interested in the fact that due to this exploration of the sea resources and its utilization, conservation and management of flora and fauna, organic and inorganic resources in and around the area is rightfully owned by the state. The evidence required is whether the vessel has entered beyond the 200 nautical miles from the baseline is rather confusing to me. (Elmualim, Valle and Kwawu, 2012)
 Construction worker and the corporation will never mind the consequences so long as they earn their cash. I was inspired by the fact that the Forests are water catchment areas, and forests do help in purifying the atmosphere.
As REDD+ Programme spokesperson, a feasibility study should be done to identify a most efficient area then preparation is done the finally full implementation. Ensuring that measures to correct biodiversity are put in place before forest clearance is an interesting idea.  Forests are very important; it is a home to animals, plants and is the water catchment area thus must be protected. (Elmualim, Valle and Kwawu, 2012)
The forest is important, they act as catchment areas for fresh water, and they reduce emission of carbon ...
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