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Essay example - Financial Crime and the Law

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With the essence of globalisation, there have been a huge amount of deviation within the mode of operations of the banks and likewise,…

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Correspondingly, the changes have been noted to impose significant impact on the nature of the operations, affecting the overall needs of the operational domain. With the increased amount of changes in the financial intermediaries and the complicated nature of the instruments, the monitoring system associated with the same has become more difficult to follow (Hopt, 2011).
Conversely, the complexity within the operational system has been assisting the development of the overall structure and providing wider scopes to the bankers for following unethical means. In recent years, the occurrence of the global financial crisis made it evident that the shortcomings of the laws in terms of complex nature are being associated with the crimes conducted in the specific sector, imposing huge level of impact on the legal bindings (Adamoli, Nicola, Savona & Zoffi, 1998).
With the changed settings of the overall financial sector, it is evident that the chances of committing heinous criminal offences have become much easier in the current plethora. In this regard, management of different approaches is identified to impose huge level of influence on the bankers in terms of having a tendency to commit such criminal offences that are often indulged by the unethical practices of the bankers. In the following sections the essay will make a better understanding based on the researches conducted in terms of the underlined issues with the need for motivating white-collar employees of the banks to commit such crimes. Moreover, the essay will also provide an in-depth analysis of different social dogmas that are associated with tendencies aligned with the needs of maintaining a transparent system for preventing such crimes.
Severe level of losses and other heinous impacts that have been created within the social settings and overall financial system in alignment with the financial operations are observed to impose ...
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