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Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman

Unfortunately, it closed down during the depression.(2) But after World War II and the business of trade and marketing was in an all time high, Miller did not succumb to join the ranks of the ever increasing salesmen.(3) Instead he "worked jobs ranging from radio singer to truck driver to clerk in an automobile-parts warehouse and eventually to writing plays."(4) Although he had the opportunity and connections to be a salesman, his actions showed that for him it was not a very reliable job even if people talked of instant success achieved upon making that "big sale" this idea is the driving force behind salesmen to continuously and persistently knock on doors and offices to sell one's merchandise.
This concept of continually working, selling and hoping for the ultimate sale that would bring one from "rags to riches"is a mere myth. Success stories of people like Willy's father (Miller, 49), Ben (Miller,52) and Dave Singleman (Miller,81) were mere stories. Willy considered his father as making his mark for selling flutes he made as he journeyed with his family from one state to the next. His brother Ben who just went into the jungle and came out a rich man was for him truly successful. Dave Singleman who made so many sales that at his funeral many people came. ...
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Whoever is writing in the United States is using the American Dream as an ironical pole of his story. People elsewhere tend to accept, to a far greater degree anyway, that the conditions of life are hostile to man's pretensions.
In unequivocal words this is an admission that when man pursues his pretentions the same will fail since the conditions of life will not allow and cannot accommodate the same…
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