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Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer night's dream'

According to several critics, the theme of love developed in the play is of highest quality and the play is noted for the dark side of love. The unexpected twists and turns in the love relations of different characters in the play point to the dramatist's great skill creating love tension and Shakespeare is in complete control of the plot, characters, themes, and language, which makes him create a masterly work dealing with the intricacies of love. According to Victor L. Cahn, A Midsummer Night's Dream is Shakespeare's first comedy in which the playwright is in supreme control and the dramatist's skill in creating love tension is palpable in the various elements of the play. The plot of the play is an invention of Shakespeare and it brings together four stories, each of which competently interweaves with and replicates the others. The characters in the play come from all levels of life and they are sharply drawn: laughable, but sympathetic. "The language is vivid, and through his poetry the playwright creates a world in which magic and marriage harmonize eloquently. All these elements combine to dramatize several themes that pervade the comedies. ...
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William Shakespeare, through his celebrated romantic comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream, exhibits his craftsmanship of creating love tension. It is this essential ability of the playwright to catch the attention of the audience by creating entrancing love tension all through the play which makes the comedy, which combines love, fairies, magic and dreams etc, appealing to the large number of viewers and readers…
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