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The story depicts complicated relationship between the husband and the wife caused by psychological problems of the husband. The main problem is that the narrator of the story drinks too much and unable to communicate with his wife adequately. Cravens depicts that alcoholism of the husband ruins warm and friendly family relations and results in isolation of both spouses. Describing this situation the author uncovers the reality of life stated that marriage cannot be happy without mutual communication and understanding. The psychological problems caused by alcoholism are isolation and inability to understand others (the blind man), and even feel sympathy to a dear person (his wife). For instance, Cravens depicts that when the wife has tried to commit suicide her husband could not say more than: "But instead of dying, she got sick. She threw up" (Carver 2). This remark shows his emotional paralysis and apathy towards his wife. It is evident that there is no close connection between them, as the marriage couples should have, and this very distance feels through the whole story. The theme of loneliness and isolation in the "Cathedral" explained by the status of the marriage people coming from different backgrounds. ...
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The short story "Cathedral" written by Raymond Carver first appeared in the "Atlantic Monthly" in March, 1981. the story tells about a marriage couple from Seattle and their complicated relationship. The research paper will discuss the status of marriage in the short story through the analysis of the marriage relationship, and the role of husband and wife in it.
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