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Lord Of The Flies Analysis

The structure of Lord of the Flies is one of a social experiment, in which a group of young boys is marooned on a tropical island. As Hodson explains, totally without adult supervision, these boys form their own society. The boys quickly form a society consisting of a chief, rules, and a symbol of law and civilization represented by the conch. The boys establish a system of distributing labour, airing their grievances, and conducting democratic elections, all in a fashion modelled after the refined society of their country. However, it is quickly apparent that the rules are not enough, as the leader of the boys, Ralph, discovers that the rules are disobeyed as long as there is no means of enforcement. Without a system for enforcement, the social framework of the island deteriorates as the clan of boys reverts to their primitive human nature. Golding implies that this primitive nature is savage and violent. With no system of law or morality to hold them back, the boys' true primitive nature emerges.The voice of reason and civilization on the island is the character Ralph. Ralph, the chief of the boys, serves as an unwavering representation of morality and justice throughout the novel. Ralph enforces the rules on the Island, because he understands that “the rules are the only thing we've got”. Ralph knows that there is little separation between civilization and savagery, and his constant reinforcement of the rules is an attempt to prevent the boys from retrograding into the depths of primitive savagery. ...
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An author of this writing intends to analyze a William Golding’s novel entitled "Lord of the Flies". Therefore, the present paper will describe the structure of the story, discuss the main characters and their interactions in order to reveal an in depth idea of the novel…
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