A comparison of desire,chance,and destiny in Run Lola Run and The Death of Vishnu - Essay Example

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A comparison of desire,chance,and destiny in Run Lola Run and The Death of Vishnu

Shakespearean plays are always analyzed through comparison of basic elements found in all of the works. Similarly, many works focus upon similar themes or elements such as desire, chance events, and destiny. These three elements prove to be primary forces in two very different stories and media: both in Manil Suri's The Death of Vishnu and in Tom Tykwer's film Run Lola Run. Yet despite both works heavily relying upon the incorporation of these elements in their plots, they both manage to do so in very different ways. This paper will analyze the manifestations of these aspects and contrast the effects achieved by these variances.Suri addresses the subject of chance most directly through the meeting of Kavita Arsani with her suitor Pran. Kavita has decided to elope with Salim Jalal, yet meets Pran out of curiosity. This meeting automatically elicits comparison, for even as she and Salim are eloping, she thinks that "Pran would never do such a thing!" (Suri, 130). Yet she is spurred on by sentimentality the same motive which causes her to leave her duppata with Vishnu. This combination of chance events - the couple's absence and the girl's duppata - are what ultimately lead to the community's suspicions of foul play, which in turn results in the Jalals being attacked. Had Kavita allowed herself to be more swayed by Pran initially (which she proves to have been when she abandons Salim), a significant amount of violence and harsh feelings could have been avoided. ...
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Shakespearean plays are always analyzed through comparison of basic elements found in all of the works. Similarly, many works focus upon similar themes or elements such as desire, chance events, and destiny. …
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