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Fashion Me A People A Critical Analysis

The essay "Fashion Me A People A Critical Analysis" provides a review of the Maria Harris' book, "Fashion Me A People". She calls it a book about "curriculum in the church" because she conceives of "curriculum" as the whole of the church's life. This concept of curriculum follows the expanded understanding of the field proffered by theorists like processes of education are also "curriculum." For Harris, this understanding of "curriculum" suggests the need to treat all components of the church's life as the curriculum of religious education. In describing this "curriculum," she describes her entire vision of religious education. The bases for that vision are laid out in Part I of the book, in Harris' understandings of "church," "education," and "curriculum." She begins by addressing a teleological question: toward what end are we to live as the church? In response, she offers her concept of "pastoral vocation" as a way of life. Religious education then follows as the entire church's process of recognizing, developing and exercising vocation. (Martin 1-2) Curriculum in this educational vision is the life of the church, given form. The curriculum task is to shape and reshape the entire church environment for people's lives, so they can live into their vocation. This sets up Part II of the book, which looks at the educational vision: the particular forms appropriate for the curriculum of religious education. Turning again to her ecclesiology, Harris finds five components of the curriculum. ...
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The researcher of this essay gives a review of the book "Fashion Me A People" by Maria Harris. If a reader picked up Maria Harris book - Fashion Me a People, expecting to find a resource design treatise or a resource selection guide, that reader would be disappointed…
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