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Theories of Paul Virilio

Virilio was born in Paris in 1932. His mother was a Breton and fathers an Italian Communist. Soon, in 1939 Virilio was taken to the port of Nantes, where he continued to be bogged and petrified by the spectacle of Hitler's Blitzkrieg during World War II. He got his initial training at the Cole des M'tiers d' Art in Paris. Virilio soon became an artist in stained glass and interned alongside Matisse in different churches in the French capital. In 1950, he converted to Christianity amidst the company of 'worker-priests'. This was following military conscription into the colonial army during the Algerian war of independence (1954-1962). In the meanwhile Virilio studied and focused on phenomenology with Merleau-Ponty at the Sorbonne. The military, spatial, and organizational features of urban territory aroused Virilio's curiosity and inspiration. Henceforth, Virilio's early writings began to appear while he catapulted and projected himself as an 'urbanist'.
Although Virilio is known for the innumerable short pieces and architectural drawings, he came up with in the 1960s. His first major work was a master piece in its own right. ...
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Paul Virilio is one of the most prominent French cultural theorists of today's age and time. He is popularly known as the inventor of concepts such as 'dromology' (the 'science' of speed). At the same time, Virilio is renowned for his claim that the logic of acceleration lies at the heart of the organization and transformation of the modern world…
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