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Love Medicine

Love Medicine

Love Medicine begins with June Kashpaw walking through the streets of Williston in an attempt to kill time before boarding the bus back to the reservation. Unfortunately she gets sidetracked thinking she see's someone familiar to her and ends up missing the bus thus getting stranded in a snow storm and freezing to death before she makes it back to the reservation. Her character is the key figure throughout the story, although she dies early on. It is her spirit that is sensed and felt rather vividly through the many facet areas of the other characters lives. It is this key element of the novel that seems to drive the characters forward and compels the reader to continue as well.
Through reading on we learn June had two sons. One was accepted well and looked upon as a legitimate individual while the other seemed shunned and alienated in some ways due to his illegitimacy. These two young men were known as, "King" and "Lipsha".
In the story we see King portrayed as an unruly person with an almost untamed wildness in him. Besides this fact there lies a sense of hopelessness in him at times; a lack of understanding of his true identifiable self.
. He is ridiculed because he leaves the reservation to purse his own educational interests and marries a white girl instead of a Native American. His Grandmother is none to happy with it although she was married to a Swedish man herself. ...
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Love Medicine is an eight person narrative story which clearly depicit's two Native American families's struggling with life issues that have been the circle of existence since man-kind has been born. …
Author : quitzonherminia

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