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Composition of Iliad and Odyssey - Essay Example

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Metaphor, repetitions and epithet are literally devices to express, emphasize and bring a charm to one’s oratory or writings. Though they do have definitions but are loosely bound to any particular definition. If metaphors are repeated they can be termed as repetition as well, and so is the case with epithet…

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Composition of Iliad and Odyssey

Aristotle wrote high of Homer’s use of metaphors and yet the critics of early twentieth century deny the strength behind his metaphors. Moulton (1979, p.279-293) relates to Homeric Metaphor as a neglected feature in Homer’s imagery. Moulton (1979, p279-293) considers that critics have focused attention on similes which are so prominent in Iliad and Odyssey.
Parry (1933, p.30-43) had cited Aristotle to admit that the use of metaphor has served no other purpose for Homer than to show that he was great. Considering this to be coming from Aristotle is in itself an authentication, a proof, that Homer’s use of metaphor has not gone unnoticed over the centuries. The reason that Homer’s use of metaphor is still argued upon lies in the eminence of metaphoric literature and its use in epic poems and poetry, which is exceptional amongst other literary devices (Moulton, 1979; Parry, 1933).
The awe-inspiring Iliad would not have been so awe-inspiring but rather would have seemed to a reader as monotonous and mundane. Though many critics agree there are only a few metaphors sustaining more than a single word. There is also an opinion that in times of Homer words were not defined as precisely as today and therefore the poet was cautious enough not to use multiple-words metaphor and hence, sacrifice clarity. Parry believes that ‘Metaphor in Homer is a casual poetic device seldom used to heighten emotion or a crucial narrative incident’. ...
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