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A critical analysis of the Rocking Horse Winner

Lawrence's "The Rocking Horse Winner". What is very sad about this whole short story is the knowledge that the son wanted nothing more than his mothers' approval and her love. He also wanted to help her feel satisfied financially. In attempting to achieve these things, she brought him down in his own life, ultimately ending in his tragic death.The author really does a wonderfully, descriptive job in bringing the main focus of this story into reality. It shows that though you can have nice things, a comfortable home, and financial security, there is still a craving for more. Even the house, that Paul and his family live in, seems to harbor a desire for wealth, from within itself. It seems the house comes alive with the desire for money as the following literary passage shows: "There must be more money! There must be more money!" (Lawrence 288) The voice of the house is heard by everyone though no one mutters a syllable about it. The voice literally drives Paul half crazed and his only hope in shutting the house up is to win more money, or so he believes. Unfortunately, this does not work either because now the house is feeling of greed and wants more. In fact, the voice is more declarative after receiving the first sum of money and now is even louder and more demanding. "There must be more money Now www More than ever!" (296)From here on the greed and demand for money grows progressively worse. ...
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In the "Rocking Horse Winner" money proves to truly be the root of all evil. The Bible even declares the love of money is the entryway of greed. The reality in behind this is the fact that too much money is never enough. …
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