The summary of the novel "Saints at the River"

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One of the influential writers of the time, Ron Rash, who through his novels deals with the multipart situations that follow death, and dramatic water, makes use the rhetorical triangle of persuasive appeals, i.e., logos, pathos, and ethos in his famous novel Saints at the River in order to put across the theme of environmental, cultural and moral issues and the concerns for children…


The summary of the novel "Saints at the River"

The critical analysis, on the basis of then intention of the author and the perception of the readers, concludes that Luke is one of the prominent saints of environment in the novel.

It is mainly through the words and actions of Luke that the author presents his great ideas concerning environment and it catches the attention of the readers. The novel powerfully presents the authors justification of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act through the environmentalist Luke who had been in the Peace Corps for eighteen months and been to Biafra "during the worst of the famines" (Rash p.100). All through his life, Luke Miller, the fearless and incorruptible champion of the river, had been there to help people in the worst times and worked industriously for the protection of the Tamassee River under the Wild and Scenic River Act (Rash p.106). The author is successful in conveying his environmental ideas through the rhetorical appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos which can be identified in the character of Luke. Remarkably, the justification of the issue is determined by the position of the targeted readers which makes the character either saints or the opposite.

In presenting the story that confronts the mutually opposing issues of environment and morality, the author effectively makes use of the views and concepts of Luke in order to touch the deeper senses of the audience. ...
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