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Why were most witches female

Although the authors are referring to few thinkers as Cicero and Seneca in The Malleus Maleficarum, the main sources of reference are The Old and The New Testament from which the authors are quoting whenever possible to support the 15th Century beliefs and practices on witchcraft.
The book is consisting of three parts. At the beginning of the first part, the authors are defining and analyzing witchcraft in detail by conceptualizing it as a relationship among the trio of the Devil, witch and Almighty God. In the following sections of the first part, it is being asked why women are subjected to be involved in witchcraft, and being mainly replied by stating or implying that the female status is weaker and inferior. The management of witchcraft is being argued in the second part while the judicial proceedings against witchcraft are being reviewed in the third. Witchcraft is being associated with the female sex all through the book.
Men and women are the two sexes of a species, namely Homo sapiens, and apparently their anatomies are different from each other. There are numerous gender-specific Medical Studies today, to find out the determinants of the sex differences in terms of Molecular Biology and Genetics. ...
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Witchcraft has been assigned to female sex throughout the history, but this commensuration, has probably the most elaborately conceptualized and verbalized in The Malleus Maleficarum of Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger although there had been few preceding attempts such as Directorium Inquisitorum by Nicolas Eymeric (1376) or Formicarius by Johannes Nider (1435)…
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