Essay sample - What did Yuan Dynasty writers create in the Vernacular Songs?

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Yuan Dynasty ruled China during the glorious days of Khans. It followed the Song Dynasty and preceded the Ming dynasty. It was established by ethnic Mongols which included Genghis Khan and his famous grandson Kublai Khan. …


Origin of Yuan San-qu was necessary because Lyrics of Song Dynasty had lost its lustre and new needs of expression was important in Qu which was giving a direct word meaning and hence, had direct effect on common people. More melodious song tunes came from non-Chinese tunes composed by poet-musicians of the time and Yuan list renders 335 qu tunes that became very popular even in rural China. But during the rule of Yuan, the Southern Sung urban culture remained the same. Administration abolished Civil Service Examinations and introduced new interests and pursuits into the society and cosmopolitanism flourished in the capital city. Yuan dynasty did not stop intellectual growth, but remained placid throughout. Art forms evolved in society and flourished as they were not forbidden and here remains the greatness of Yuan emperors. Counter culture of eroticism, modernity, literary commodity followed one another in quick succession and it was the golden era of the theatre, drama and vernacular songs. ...
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