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Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet Master

Comments regarding youth pervade Romeo and Juliet. One of Romeo's friends, Sampson, remarks that he himself is "a pretty piece of flesh."2 Obviously, Romeo hangs out with these people and probably thinks himself as being very good-looking for his age. With imagery, Shakespeare makes his point that fights and impending death is bound to happen due to those fights. The prince of Verona calls Tybalt and Romeo's friends, who have been fighting, "beasts."3 Usually the word "beast" conjures up images of virulence and strength, implying youth. Of course, in this case one sees that this type of savagery can only lead to one thing: death.
This passage is ultimately proof that Juliet is still too young as a "stranger in the world" and perhaps not ready to get married, although her father seems to think so. The preemptiveness of Juliet marrying Romeo, therefore, is probably a bad mistake which she ultimately pays for with her life, since she is new to things of the world. ...
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In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Juliet Capulet and Romeo Montague have fallen in love. Unfortunately, for them, their families are at odds with each other and have had a long-standing feud and mutual dislike in the city of Verona. These two star-crossed lovers meet their respective fates of death because of a) their youth and b) the speed with which events unfold in the play…
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