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Americas Choice: Environmental Myopia or Long-Term Thinking

"Consumption used to be the name for a mortal wasting disease" - Anna says - and yesterday's carelessness has brought it first results already. If nothing changes humanity will be put under threat of ecological disasters and possibility to run out of resources. I strongly agree with Anna Quindle.
In US majority of population has a least one car, and some have more than one. The number of vehicles has never been bigger than today. While in 1950 there were only 0.3 million vehicles, today the Americans have more than 25 million vehicles. We're living a life of leisure and excess. In the short term it seems great for America, but in the long term it leads to air pollution, and causes serious problems. Vehicular emission (carbon monoxide, particulate matter, hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen) contributes greatly to the rising levels of all major pollutants. Altogether, humans produce twice as much of the greenhouse gas as our planet's ecosystem can absorb. It should be an issue of prime concern because the emissions are from ground level sources and thus have the greatest impact on the health of the population exposed to it. Air pollutants put citizens at great health risk. ...
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Recently America faced a series of disasters: Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne, incredible damages caused by Katrina in New Orleans, and panic provoked by Rita in Texas. The calamities have always triggered environmental concerns but nowadays the issues of human influence on ecosystem are of extreme importance.
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