The magic and mystique of art as portrayed by Pierro and Peacock - Book Report/Review Example

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The magic and mystique of art as portrayed by Pierro and Peacock

In the essays 'Passion Blooms in Winter' by Molly Peacock and 'Fathead's Hard Times' by Pierro Albino, the two writers examine how art, albeit in different forms can not only be the avenue through which human suffering is alleviated, but also be a source for the rejuvenation of hope.
It shall be examined what this unique essence of art is that remains incomprehensive to and often defies the stated laws of science. What is this intangible and elusive attribute of art that is so mesmerizing that repeatedly draws the artist to his work and the audience to examine or listen'
In Molly peacock's 'Passion Flowers in Winter', the story is told of the late 18th century artist Mary Delaney of whose life she draws several parallels to her own. The unique thing about Delaney is that it was not until she was seventy-three years old, that she took up the art of making collages. Delaney's work is so detailed that it becomes hard to distinguish the artificial flower from the real.
Peacock looks up to Delaney as a role model, noting that life is a constant made up of change, and with change, we need a figure or figures who will be the lighthouse to guide the vessels of our lives through the stormy seas of existence.
Peacock's two role models are her mother, and Mary Delaney, whose li ...
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On more than one occasion, I have seen an audience moved to tears by a performance of drama, poetry recital or song. In museums, a viewer may stand entranced for hours by a sculpture or painting, so lost in the work he/she sees that they are practically in a universe of their own…
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