"The Betrayal of Srebrenica" by Ms. Bianca Jagger, - Book Report/Review Example

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"The Betrayal of Srebrenica" by Ms. Bianca Jagger,

A piquant dimension in this genocide is that the UNPROFOR, the very force brought-in to protect the Bosnian people, stood witness and, even worse, conspired and participated in the annihilation of Bosnian Muslims, even as the world turned a blind eye towards the killings. This dissertation reviews two important articles of Ms. Bianca Jagger, "The Betrayal of Srebrenica," in The European, 15th Sep'95 - 1st Oct '95. Ms. Jagger is an honoured member of the Amnesty International, and has over two decades of work on human rights, in various places around the globe, from Nicaragua to Northern Ireland, gathering facts and details and producing reports on issues of human rights (Sells, 2005).
Summary: Jagger's article begins with an account of the background of the massacre in which, about 8000, men, women and children, mostly civilians, were mercilessly killed at the hands of Bosnian Serbs in a short period of 4 days. Jagger refers to the United Nations Security Council Resolution 819, which was passed in April 1993, establishing Srebrenica as a "safe area" after a previous episode of brutality. ...
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Introduction: Raphael Lemkin (1900-1959), a Polish Jewish legal scholar, coined the word 'Genocide' in 1943, from the roots genos (Greek for family, tribe or race) and -cide (Latin - occidere, to massacre), (Wikipedia, 2005). A post-war genocide the shook the entire European nations and the world alike is the Genocide of the Bosnian Muslims in the six year period from 1990-1996…
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