The Kite Runner and The English Patient - Book Report/Review Example

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The Kite Runner and The English Patient

The essay is focusing on the lives of the two characters, laying the arguments on the acts, scenes, as well as the sins which are committed by the characters in the works, and how they reflect any past events or behaviors which help in shaping them.
"The English patient "is a key film which helped in the influence of the imperial system, and cinema, with an exception of Almacy, who is the patient in the film. Almacy proves to be an anti-imperial at closer look of him, but on the surface he appears to be just like those around him -imperialists-. On the other hand, "the kite runner" tells a beautiful story of two young men who are growing up in Kabul. They appear to share the same nurse, and raised in the same household. Hassan and Amir grow up in separate and different worlds, because Hassan is the son of a poor man who is employed by Amir's father, while Amir is the son of a wealthy man. Their relationship foreshadows a tragedy which is about to happen in the world around them, because they are inseparable, despite the fact that, one belongs to a minority class, and the other to a superior group. By virtue of fleeing the country to California with his father, Amir is haunted by his past life with Hassan, and cannot do away with the memory. This kind of a thing exhibits what the novel is all about. That is; friendship, betrayal, and the cost of loyalty to it. ...
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The Kite runner explores on a story which is based on two boys who are in a strong relationship, just after the end of the Afghanistan monarchy. The main character here is Amir, who befriends another age mate of his. On the other hand, the English patient is a novel which was written during the era of the world war two in Africa…
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