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Bibliographic details on ten sources relevant to employment relations

Frost, VF Mitchell & WR Nord, HRM reality: putting competence in context, Southwestern Publishing Ohio, pp. 8-20.
Choi, I. [CD-ROM] 2005, "Organizing negotiation and resistance: The role of Korean union federations as institutional mediators", University of California, Korea. Retrieved October 7, 2005 from UMI Proquest Digital Dissertations database.
This research examines and compares the role of the two Korean national labor federations in organizing negotiation and resistance especially their responses to the Korean governments' restructuring process brought on by international pressure and economic globalization. The author has argued that these two Korean federations, namely, the KCTU (Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and FKTU (Federation of Korean Trade Unions) have very different ideologies, strategies and organizational networks. This has a profound causal effect on the actions taken by local unions. He compared the two federations in terms of movement ideology and strategy by combined examination of documents, interviews and observations in Korea. The mediating role the two national federations play between the state labor policies and local labor union activities has had significant impact on both labor management relations at the workplaces level as well as on nationwide labor movements. ...
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Choi, I. [CD-ROM] 2005, 'Organizing negotiation and resistance: the role of Korean Union Federations as institutional mediators', University of California, Korea. Retrieved October 7, 2005 from UMI Proquest Digital Dissertations database.
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