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Narrative review and interpretation someday my elders will be proud - Book Report/Review Example

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Author : rashawn94
Book Report/Review
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In the narrative, Someday My Elders Will Be Proud, occurrences of most of Freud’s psychosexual stages present themselves at some point. Jean is the author of this piece and is of Native American descent. The reading expresses trials and hardships that Jean faced while growing up as a minority in poverty. …

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Narrative review and interpretation someday my elders will be proud

While this narrative ends up on a good note, many experiences leading up to it are discouraging. Jean grew up in poverty after her father left the family when she was at a very young age. This meant her mother was the sole breadwinner for her and her brothers. She worked during the day and took classes at night in order to obtain a college degree. Freud’s Oedipus complex (or Electra complex for females) was not integrated in the usual form in Jean’s life because she had no father. She may have been drawn to her uncle out of fear of abuse. This complex played itself out in the form of self-esteem issues in later life. The abuse she sustained from her uncle was a precursor to battling an alcohol addiction and her reluctance to get close or intimate with men. After having been abused for so many years at such a young, impressionable age, it will leave irreparable scars that will remain in the back of Jeans mind forever. In the final stage, the genital stage of post puberty is when a person’s personality really takes shape. If the previous stages have been worked out, they become well-adjusted and psychologically balanced adults. That is the case with Jean. This Oedipus complex became resolved when her mother was deemed the paramount influence in her life. She is an intelligent, creative adult who triumphed over adversity in order to give back to the community. She works with young kids who are troubled because she has the ability to empathize with their plight. Many of these kids are in the same boat as she was or possibly worse. ...
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