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"The Quiet American" by Graham Greene

Graham Greene was not a communist although it is obvious that he had tough feelings with regards to the Americans existence in Vietnam previous to the war and for the duration of the entire clash. Fowler desires to have a life for Phuong together with himself in Vietnam; however Pyle comes into sight, thinking the West distinguishes what's best for Vietnam and prepares to take her back towards America.
Graham Greene, creator of The Quiet American, had spent time in Vietnam during the early 1950s documenting on the war. He considered that America's task to intervene for the French and recover Vietnam from communism was troubled. If American citizens had examined this novel in 1955 and recognized that the story, though fictional, was filled with truth, they might never have forced themselves into that chaos.
Obviously, had they the capability to discover from literature, or the olden times, or the aspiration to do such, they would not have been citizens of America. Idealism dissociated from realism, in company with struggling principles at conflict with morality, continues the feature of the American disposition, and no novelist has confined it more intensely than Graham Greene inside this novel.
In the composition of The Quiet American, one of the central characters happens to be Alden Pyle who is inside a continuous competition with the vital character Fowler. ...
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It appears that more and more Americans are stereotypically portrayed as unpleasantly edgy by the "cultured" European nations, and that Americans believe that they are absolutely innocent. This might be because of a general European discrimination against the common American citizen…
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