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Big Friendly Giant by Roald Dahl

"They may be considered as psychological or political or economic or sociological. They may operate upon opinions, values, information levels, skills, taste, or overt behavior" (Heibert, 2001). In stories such as The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) by Roald Dahl, many of these ideas are included as a 'runty' giant kidnaps a young English girl, Sophie, and reveals an entirely new world to her. This world is one in which giants twice as tall again as the BFG routinely scour the world for tasty human treats to eat at night and then spend their daytimes sleeping in the bright sun of their homeland or fighting with each other. Through his revelations to Sophie, the BFG is clearly not accepted by the other giants and is outcast from them not only because of his physical differences, but more importantly because of his steadfast refusal to eat human 'beans' and his lifelong desire to bring joy to the lives of others.
The BFG differs to a great degree in appearance from his fellow giants, which immediately marks him as distinctly different and thus suspicious. Upon Sophie's first sight of him, he is correctly dressed for nighttime traveling with a large black cloak covering his clothing and carrying a suitcase. ...
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Images of diversity in what we read can have a profound impact upon how we view the world around us. Everyone is exposed to the stories of our age either through books, films, cartoons or storytelling. Literature has the ability to affect the way that we think about those who are different from us, those who have different cultures and sometimes work to encourage a particular dominant worldview…
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