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Representatives of American Literature - Essay Example

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Author : elroygusikowski
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This essay talks about American literature as the American experience. The main periods of American literature’s history are Early American Literature, Gothic-Supernatural-Fantasy Fiction, Naturalism, American Realism, Modernist Literature, Science Fiction, Postmodernist Literature. …

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Representatives of American Literature

The essay “Representatives of American Literature” outlines the major features of literature works in America and its representatives. There are several instances where literature written at a particular time was not accepted as part of American literature until years after it was published. In many cases rejection accompanied severe criticism and cruel treatment of the author. “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” is a short story written by Joyce Carol Oates ventured into the issues of sex and violence. On the surface the narrative is fairly generic. “That Evening Sun” by Faulkner, is today hailed as a great achievement in narrative style, this was not always the case. When it was first published the dual point of view was not widely accepted and was hard to read. Oates, O'Brien, and Faulkner are three names associated with testing the limits of narrative approach and exploring new avenues of expressing the human condition. These are the authors of modern literature in America however when their stories were first publish they were admonished for bad topics and even worse writing techniques. The public shock was not just centered on their writing or choice of subject. Each of them authors suffered through personal attacks on their characters, their lifestyles, and their own place within literary society. Modern literature is supposed to inspire, enrage, and evoke emotion causing the reader to both think and react. Each of these authors depicts different events, through different eyes, and each expresses different sentiments. ...
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