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Hard Times

And he hated the way the rigidity of the education system, which was robbing the children, their childhood and potential to grow into complete human beings. In some ways, 'Hard Times' if for Charles Dickens what 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' was for Harriet Beecher Stowe, an instrument to bring out the ugly reality in the open and display its weaknesses and evils.
He has however, not given the reader any solutions. He was satisfied with the creation of a vivid expose, which not only demonstrated his disapproval and disdain towards the falsehood and double standards of the society but also highlighted the terrible consequences such trends caused.
Dickens feels that the society's obsession with wealth is above moral principles, above spiritualism, above everything else; this by itself spells doom for humanity itself. The industrialization where workers are exploited and de-humanized combined with the narrowness of the education system creates a stifling and decadent society, overall.
Dickens wants the readers to first recognize the evils that the industrialization and rigid education system throw up; for this he very strongly contrasts his characters that represent each faction. ...
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Charles Dickens views of change regarding education and industrialization of his times are brilliantly described in his book, Hard Times. Here, he has used his characters as billboards to showcase and prove this point of view. Each character is a bit extreme in the book's plot, specifically meant to drive the point home…
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