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Prejudice in Frankenstein

As the discussion declares in psychological terms, the Creature can be considered as a manifestation of the Other, and the rejection of the Creature by Frankenstein and the other characters is an example of how the fear of difference works to instill prejudice against those who don’t reflect the accepted norm. Otherness as a psychological term is a representation of the abnormal; more specifically it the representation of an abnormality that threatens the social fabric. Whenever this threat arises, the prevailing ideological power structure responds in one of two ways. Either the threat is rejected outright and destroyed, or it is rendered safe and absorbed into the mainstream until its threatening components are diluted and it becomes a replica of society itself.
This paper stresses that it is not only the Creature’s hideous appearance, so different from the norm, that inculcates fear and prejudice in its creator and those with whom he comes in contact.Ugliness, of course, is belittled with cruel epithets every day, but something more is at work to turn the Creature from a monster to a devil. The Creature’s horrific appearance already distances himself from the norm, but his threat to society springs more from the deviant method of his creation. Alternative methods of reproduction are viewed with suspicion and fear by many people, spanning the complete range of religious beliefs. Even today, the fear and suspicion aroused by cloning has led to a prejudice against it without there yet being any actual cloned creation to be prejudiced against. ...
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This essay talks that when someone is said to have created a Frankenstein’s monster, it is shorthand for the creation of a force that has taken on a destructive life of its own. In many ways, prejudice is a Frankenstein’s monster that is created out of fear. …
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