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The article by Marcy Norton argues against these beliefs on the evolutionary history of modern tastes of chocolate. The main point of the argument is that the popularization of the taste of chocolates was more or less a result of the cross-cultural exchange of tastes. The value of the native aesthetics served as a key point to the success of chocolaty flavors. Any form of chocolates which made ‘fame and name’ in Europe evolved from the recreation of the Mesoamerican indigenous tastes in differential forms. However, there are compositions of modern chocolates which are widely different from the indigenous forms.
The article in totality has made extensive inquest into the historical pieces of evidence available on the subject. The arguments made by the article have been supported by the literature available on the subject. The reader is provided with an extensive historic background of the subject allowing the critical analysis of the points posed by the author. Another highlight of the paper is the wide range of aspects covered in relation with the key subject. Political, Sociological, Cultural, Medical, Economic and Psychological aspects of the evolution of chocolate as a commonly accepted taste have been dealt in detail by the article. However, the range of the article, at places serves as a weakness of the article because it raises the chance of the reader getting misled subjectively and conceptually. The arguments made by the writer have been reasonably backed by the historical pieces of evidence in combination with the support of previous studies. ...
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The paper presents the article titled ‘Tasting Empire: Chocolate and the European Internalization of Mesoamerican Aesthetics’ which is written by Marcy Norton. It explains the industrious efforts on the improvisation and value addition of indigenous chocolates. …
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