indigenous australians education opportunities in the current education system

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This has been more glaring in a number of areas including academic achievements, intake and enrolment as well as participation…


Often, many indigenous students drop out of school while at quite an early age. This has been marked by the existing gaps in indigenous and non-indigenous Australians (AESOC, 2008). The government has however increasingly crafted policy interventions in favor of indigenous-specific intervention programs (Carol 2004). A number of leaders in Australia and elsewhere in the world are of the opinion that it is important to review school curriculum with a view to prepare students for further education and successful careers. Even more importantly is the notion that many schools should expand aims of learning in a manner that takes care of a more career oriented approach to education. This means the adoption of new strategies and expansion of career oriented approach to learning rather than just preparing students for University Education in Australia (Hudis 2001).
Some high schools are re-organizing their curriculum around careers with the explicit view of aiding students for further education and putting more emphasis on careers with market angling to employment needs (Hudis 2004). Pundits have argued that some of the major bottlenecks of globalization that brought about the current economic crisis are found in the failure of governance in educational role at both the national and international levels in relation to educational policies and building up of sound economies based on realistic and sustainable education-based skills. Consequently, a grave focus has been put on relevant education coupled with factors such as effective educational policies that appreciate the dynamics of the global economy (Carol, 2004). Fazal et al. (2005) notes that educational policies have been affected a great deal. He states that various governments and their agencies, under the conditions of globalization, have been changing a number of things. These include not only the rationale for education ...
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