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Analysis of the Book The Art of Living

The essay "Analysis of the Book The Art of Living" talks about the effect the book had on the reader's thoughts and attitudes towards life.
I had thought the rational mind is normally associated with a conscious mind so that in making choices in life, the mind has to do its work. I did learn from reading that we do have a subconscious mind that actually makes life easier because many decisions in life would become automatic or easy if the same mind can be made to function under the most important circumstances. Having a subconscious mind to do many functions of humans like me should be interesting to discover. This would have the effect of making some things as just my second nature and it would release me off more stressful situations.
Comparing my initial intuitive thoughts about the reading and determining the effect on my thinking after the reading can give us a good idea on the value of reading the book. My initial intuitive thought about the reading was that it would me how to understand and live life to the fullest. I believe that I was right to have found some concepts or ideas as guides on how to live life as possibly productive and meaning to me. A life without a meaning would be just like be a life without a purpose. By knowing one’s purpose in life as can deduce from the reading, one can have a sense of direction that would put our attitudes towards its gravitation. Attitude matters and it would really help much to attain something if one has the right attitude towards what one wants to accomplish in life. ...
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This essay talks about the book “The Art of Living” by Grant by analyzing the influence of reading this book and assimilating the messages of the book. This paper also seeks to write down on what the essay author have learned from this book and how it has influenced him. …
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