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Arc of Instability

Furthermore, this camp sees Australias contributed military support for the US-led campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan as a distraction from more pressing and threatening issues close to home擁n this very arc of instability. As a result, Australia may be out of touch with the majority of issues in Southeast Asia, and because it has intervened but failed to cultivate these island nations toward a lasting peace, may have no bridge into the politics of South Asia or even the wonted East Asia region.
From this perspective it may appear that Australias relations with India and Pakistan are limited to the maximum. For decades, the reality has been just that, as the Cold War and Australias association with the US have kept it at a distance from India. When India began testing nuclear weapons, it seems that Australia became even more opposed to deepening its relations with India due to Indias failure to sign the non-proliferation treaty. However, Indias relations with India at the present time due run much deeper than may be expected. For a brief period, the Australian government had agreed to supply India with uranium, which was an excellent deal for India considering Australias vast holdings of uranium. Beyond simply cricket and uranium, the nations also shared a naval presence in the Indian Ocean as well as a shared diplomatic, economic, and political interest in the bulk of the Asian continent that lies to the east of India and to the northwest of Australia預 region that neither country had given much attention to in decades past.
Today, Indias relationship with Australia falls into several areas. The first and foremost is a history of association with the British Empire, which in many ways paved the way for other aspects of the relationship. The English language is spoken in Australia, and probably spoken by even more people in India than the entire population of Australia combined. Furthermore, the two countries are the two ...
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Australias recent shift in political and security focus in the international sphere has been opposite that of many allied countries, especially English-speaking nations such as the United States and the United Kingdom. The term 殿rc of instabilityrepeatedly appeared in security…
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