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The death of a salesman - Movie Review Example


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The death of a salesman

In the play, Norman is seen as a good man who is willing to do anything possible to make his household, particularly Nick, pleased and contented. He has got a lot of errors and all his dealings about achievement are entirely corrupt. He thinks that to be well known and loved are all what he requires becoming prosperous, ignoring the spirits of achievement that is contentment. In the play, we see that while his two sons grew up, Nick and Clifford adopted the faults standards of their father. They learned to steal, lie and engage in fraudulent activities to be successful. In addition, they grew believing that being popular and liked by people are more vital than working hard in becoming prosperous. As a result of following their father’s beliefs they end up becoming careless and undependable grown up men who achieved nothing in life.In the play we see other characters concerned with Norman, for example, Peggy protects him, Clifford look for his support, and Nick tries to agree to take his faults. Though, Nick experiences hardship in play and he does not do well in his life, his father Norman is the one experiences ruin. Norman commits suicide as a result of slow destruction of his delusions about life.Unfortunately, the play does not end with Nick’s new life, but ends with the household and Mike gathering for Norman.
In the play the main characters are Norman, Peggy, Nick, and Clifford. The Norman Snow is a sixty three year old once a famous salesman who has lost his approval and sales.

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After seeing the play, “The death of a salesman” by Arthur Miller at Elcamino College’s "Campus Theatre" on November 13, 2011, I learnt more about life occurrences. The play is a story that tells the ruin of a key character as a result of his personal faults. …
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The death of a salesman essay example
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