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Cross-Genre Thematic Study

The love between two people has always been a deep emotional feeling; it is continuously tested by time and various obstacles met in the relationship. Dramatic as it seems, true love makes a couple hold on to each other when all else fails. This was the central theme of both literary works, “A Red, Red Rose” by Robert Burns and “A Secret Sorrow” by Karen Van Der Zee.
Although both works belong to different genres, still, they are unified in bringing love as the theme of their work. For the same reason [having different genres], however, they differed in their way of utilizing the distinct quality of their chosen genre. Basically, this paper will explore on these two unique approaches and how both works successfully arrived at a common theme.
In “A Red, Red Rose,” Burns wrote ballad stanzas for the poem. Ballad stanzas refer to quatrains or four four-line stanzas; which consist of tetrameter, four stressed syllables in the second and fourth lines; and trimeter lines, three stressed syllables in the second and fourth lines. Burns exploited this characteristic because traditionally, these patterns of rhyme were intended to recite poems or sing songs by heart easily (Poetry 122). For instance, in the following sample stanza, notice that the lines could be easily spoken. This makes the poem a more effective expression of love. ...
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Dramatic as it seems, true love makes a couple hold on to each other when all else fails. This was the central theme of both…
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