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Lord of The Flies by William Golding - Essay Example

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Lord of The Flies by William Golding

Thesis statement: The allegorical importance of the work Lord of The Flies is deeply indebted to the themes used by the writer like violence, pessimism and tragedy.
Plot/ brief summary
The work’s plot is simple, because it deals with problems faced by a group of boys who survived a plane crash and reach an isolated island. Among the survivors, the boys selected Ralph as their leader. But Jack, another boy among the survivors, was not satisfied with this decision. Gradually, Jack began to question the authority of Ralph and planned a rebellion against Ralph. Besides, Jack and his followers began to neglect Ralph’s orders. This divided the group into two: Ralph and his supporters and Jack and his supporters. Later, Jack and his supporters kill Simon and Piggy and captured Sam and Eric. Besides, Ralph was forced to flee. While searching for Jack, a naval officer from a warship appears and helps the whole group of boys to escape from the island.
The main characters in the work are: Ralph (leader), Jack (later became the leader), Piggy, Simon, Sam and Eric (twins).
A. Ralph:
Ralph is a boy with leadership quality. But this did not help him to lead the whole group as a single unit. Most of the boys were ready to agree Ralph’s leadership. This proves that leadership quality is inherent in his character. He was able to take decisions at apt situations but failed to implement the same with success. This failure forced him to face a number of problems during his life in the Island. B. Jack: Jack was selected as the second leader of the group, and his duty was to find out food for the whole group. But Jack was not satisfied with his status as the leader of the hunters. So, he decided not to be under Ralph’s leadership. In addition, he was able to gain the confidence of some of the boys among the group. His attempt to dethrone Ralph proves that he is ready to kill his fellow beings to gain leadership. C. Piggy: In the novel, Piggy is portrayed as a complex character. For instance, he tried his level best to reduce the scope of a battle between two groups. Besides, Piggy’s knowledge helped the group to overcome a number of troubles. But his knowledge did not help him to escape from death. D. Simon: Simon is similar to Piggy. For instance, both of them were loyal to Ralph. Simon did not join Jack’s group and undertook Jack’s decisions. This proves that Simon was not ready to give up his hope to escape from the Island. Later, Jack and the members of his group killed Simon. E. Sam and Eric: In the beginning, Sam and Eric (twins) were ready to accept Ralph’s leadership. But when Jack threatened them, they joined Jack’s group and began to enjoy their adventurous life in the Island. At last, they were able to save their lives. They were practical because they enjoyed their life in the Island and managed to escape in the end. Analysis: Lord of The Flies as an allegorical novel The analysis is based upon the themes like violence, pessimism and tragedy. A. Violence: One can see that violence is the dominating theme of the novel. Besides, the author made use of violence (say, as an important theme) to prove that savagery is inherent in each and every individual. Within this context, violence is interconnected with survival instinct. When one tries to survive, one will not be able to take care of other individuals. For instance, during the fight with Jack’s group, Ralph came to know that he cannot save the members of his group and he decides to flee. This proves that violence is one of the ...Show more


Lord of The Flies
One cannot predict human nature during natural disasters or other problematic conditions in life. Some people may try to act like dictators and some others may try to gain the leadership. This is the unpredictability of human nature. …
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Lord of The Flies by William Golding essay example
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