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Essay example - Strategy, Science and Weaponary: WW I

Strategy, Science and Weaponary: WW I Essay example
High school
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Name of author: Strategy, Science and Weaponry: World War 1 The damages caused by first and second world wars are still alive in the memories of old people even though teenagers may not have many ideas about it. It should be noted that nuclear weapons were used in the Second World War whereas no serious weapons were used in the First World War…

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This paper analyses the possible impacts of poison gas, submarines and airplanes had on World War I and how these weapons could have changed the strategies of World War I. “Considered uncivilized prior to World War One, the development and use of poison gas was necessitated by the requirement of wartime armies to find new ways of overcoming the stalemate of unexpected trench warfare” (Weapons of War - Poison Gas). Even though Germans were accused of using prohibited weapons in the First World War, French were the first one who used it in a war. Normal weapons are not capable enough to break a stalemate like situation. For example it is difficult to force the enemies to come out from trenches using normal weapons. Poison gases have the ability to spread across a region within minutes or seconds. Soldiers took shelter in trenches may not escape from the attack of poison gases. “In August 1914, they fired tear-gas grenades (xylyl bromide) against the Germans. Nevertheless the German army was the first to give serious study to the development of chemical weapons and the first to use it on a large scale” (Weapons of War - Poison Gas). ...
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