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Essay example - Twain's Controversial Ending: Huckleberry Finn

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In literature or any other academic or professional discipline, controversy is the most influential aspect in determining the relevance of any concept. In essence, controversy can be defined as a prolonged public contention or dispute concerning an opinion or an ideology under…

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In the context of literature, some stipulated guidelines concerning the content of writing guides the structure and technical skills employed by a writer during his or her works. In the literature, most contemporary expert emphasizes the importance of developing a comprehensive theme or themes in novels and any other piece of writing. In this regard, literature materials should communicate a single theme in a logical and rational manner. Conflict of themes results in inconsistency of message intentioned by a writer. At this juncture, some literature materials can fall out of the expected scope of literature principles with respect to theme content. In case of such an instance, the conflict of themes may result in controversy on the message carried by a text. Consequently, the message contained by such text may be thrown into a heated debate concerning the intention of a writer. One such piece of writing which have constantly experienced opposition and criticism is Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Gerald et al. 34).
One of the notable criticizer of Twain’s works is Marx. Marx is a renowned critique of American literature. In his analytic and critical principles, Marx asserts that in any literature, there is a battle that exits between characters and any writing’s plot. According to Marx, writers must articulately match the characters’ character and the underlying themes in novels. However, effective articulation of characters from inception to the end of a story is close to impossible. As a result, writers rivets into mechanically terminating their story. This entails introducing of artificial themes that facilitates summation of all the happenings witnessed from the start of a story. In this regard, a writer is supposed to yield for defeat on either a story’s plot or the characters. In case of plot surrender, a writer will introduce a purposeful theme ...
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