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The play under review is The Doll’s house by Henrik Ibsen and the main character that this paper analyzes is Nora Helmer, the wife of Torvald Helmer, the vice president of the local bank.The author introduces Nora in act one as a submissive wife who takes pleasure at the…

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The prove to this is when he rebukes Nora on being a spendthrift and Nora argues back saying that they can spend on credit till he gets paid. Torvald opposes this and says what if they are unable to pay off their debts. Act one reveals the self-centeredness of Nora and this is through her conversation with Linde. Nora ask how she has been and pretends to have interest in her affairs, but she keeps on turning the conversation back to her own life with Torvald. For instance when Linde tells Nora of her financial difficulties she responds by saying how she and Torvald expect to have lots and lots of money (Ibsen, 1992). In as much as Nora is a spend thrift, she is not driven by money in comparison to Linde.
Nora married Torvald and they had to work a way out of their poverty while Linde got married for money to escape poverty. Act one identifies Nora’s other character as assertive and secretive. She managed to acquire a loan from Krogstad, but through forging her father’s signature. Nora confesses this to Linde, but she doesn’t reveal the source of the loan. Nora and Krogstad are of similar character in this sense. Krogdstadt forged a loan certificate to help her ailing wife who later died (Ibsen, 1992).The continuation of this character revelation is in act two, where Krogstadt threatens to reveal this act to Torvald. This makes Nora uneasy since she wants to protect the dignity of her husband.
This action portrays her as a caring person, and the author develops this by asserting that Nora did not want to interact with her children for the purposes of protecting them for curses emanating from a parents sin. This is in regard to the belief that Dr Rank became sick due to his father’s sin. Act three portrays Nora character as an independent woman, who comes to learn that life does not revolve around Torvald alone. The prove to this is when Torvald accuses her of taking a loan without ...
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