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A short reflection on "The Lady With the Per Dog" by Anton Chekhov

The process of wooing begins with his question to Anna, “Have you been long in Yalta…And I have already dragged out a fortnight here.” She is an idealist wishing to lead an honest and pure life, but also likes to own the thrills of life. The dullness of married life suffocates her and the chance introduction with Guvov kindles the spark of love within her. Gurov is the one who takes the lead in the game of love abruptly. Chekhov writes, “Then he looked at her intently, and all at once put his arm round her and kissed her on the lips, and breathed in the moisture and the fragrance of the flowers; and he immediately looked round him, anxiously wondering whether anyone had seen them.” Her response is instant and she agrees to his suggestion, “Let us go to your hotel” (Chekhov).
After that intimate encounter Anna is filled with remorse. Chekhov writes about her reaction "Its wrong," she said. "You will be the first to despise me now." And her further utterances, "Forgiven? No. I am a bad, low woman; I despise myself and dont attempt to justify myself... I have been deceiving myself for a long time. …I wanted to live! To live, to live! . . . I was fired by curiosity . . . and now I have become a vulgar, contemptible woman whom any one may despise" (Chekhov), indicate that she is a totally confused lady, but she is to be pitied for plight rather than condemned.
Her reaction sets Gurov thinking. Chekhov writes about his mental state, “Gurov thought how in reality everything is beautiful in this world when one reflects: everything except what we think or do ourselves when we forget our human dignity and the higher aims of our existence” (Chekhov). He has no concern for the sincere feelings of Anna in the initial phase of their interaction. Anna has a moral framework, and after her “fall,” she regrets deeply what she does in the first flush of enthusiasm. ...
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His intention is to take advantage of the situation in which she is placed. His basic nature is to wait for opportunities to mix freely with women. Anton writes, “In…
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