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Preventing a Brave New World

Moreover, he is concerned with the notion of humanity interested with saying “yes” to the principles that lead to dehumanized Brave New world. Ideally, Kass is profound against cloning, and he once stated, “This afternoon I want to begin to persuade you, first, that cloning is a serious evil, both in itself and in what it leads to,” he continued. “And second, that we ought to try to stop it by legislative prohibition” (Hoffer, 2006).  He added that the majority, who are polled informally and formally, are respected due to human cloning repugnant that it should be a warning towards the practice. In supporting his side of bargain, Kass used the following specific objections regarding cloning. Kass noted that the process of Human Cloning incorporates unethical experiments. According to Kass, the higher percentage of cloning experiments leads to fetal deaths. Sometimes, he added that the same leads to birth of deformed children or infants. Kass was marked saying, “Nearly all scientists agree that attempts to clone a human being carry grave risks of producing unhealthy and disabled children (Hoffer, 2006).” He paused and asked, “Shall we just discard the ones that do not meet expectations?” Secondly, Kass noted the process of human cloning is a threat to humanity and human identity. Arguing on this point, Kass explained that cloning appears like a twin to its sibling or parent creator. He added that, cloning is a burden since it involves the ideals of expecting a life that has already been lived opposed to expecting. ...Show more


In the paper “Preventing a Brave New World” the author analyzes Dr. Leon Kass’s assumptions regarding the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Dealing with Ethical issues, Kass is extremely concerned with the Brave New World as presented by Aldous Huxley in the 1932 novel.

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