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Religious Adaptation Discussion

Vengeance is imposing punishment because of something wrong done unto someone. A covenant is an agreement between two parties, which have consequences when broken. The title, “The Sword Which Avenges the Covenant “means the painful consequences that accompanies an individual and acts as a revenge when one breaks an agreement.
The author used the title to bring forward the consequences that accompanies those people who breaks the Judaism laws, which was the chosen community of God (Mendes, Paul and Jehuda, 192). The laws, customs, and norms have been there even during the times of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He says that the breakers will exist without any hope of good times and their lives will be like an empty tree that bears no fruits. The author brings out the consequences as very painful and urges the crowd to abide with the teachings of their ancestors. God expects from His people obedience of His commandments as portrayed by His chosen ...
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The title “The Sword Which Avenges the Covenant” originated from the Holy Scriptures when God was communicating with Israelites on the repercussions of failing to obey his commandments. It is through Gods anger that brought the warnings to His people as indicated in the Holy…
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