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The novel is written with a background of Puritan New England in the Seventeenth Century. Hester, a young woman, married Roger Chillingworth, who happened to have been…


She was convicted of adultery since there was the birth of Pearl, and it was well known that her husband was away. Her punishment was being forced to wear a scarlet letter “A” every day on her belly for her remaining lifetime, which represented adultery (Bloom, 15). This conforms Hester into a living preaching against sin. The events following her affair with the Puritan Minister makes Hester the woman the reader is familiar with
Alienated and ashamed from her entire community, she indulges in contemplation. Speculations on morals, human nature, and social organization eventually take over her. Her tribulations had transformed her into a freethinker and a stoic. The narrator disapproves Hester philosophy of independence, but his tone betrays his secret admiration of her ideas and independence (Bloom, 36).
Hester’s experiences eventually make her a compassionate motherly figure. She controls her rash tendencies because she understands that such conduct could lead to loosing Pearl, her daughter. Her maternal nature ripples to the society. She ventures into charity by bringing the poor clothing and food. As the novel progress to the end, Hester becomes a mother figure protofeminist to the community of women (Bloom, 56). The shame that came with the scarlet letter has faded away, and women realize that the undue punishment ascribed for her was partly facilitated by the town’s sexism Father. They seek refuge to Hester from the forces of sexism of which they were victims. Throughout the novel, Hester is presented as a capable, intelligent, but not extraordinary necessarily. The extraordinary events around her had successfully transformed her to an important figure she became in the society.
Offred, a protagonist in this story, happens to be the narrator of the Novel, “The Handsmaid Tale." The whole story is narrated from her viewpoint and experiences. Events unfurl before the reader as vividly as Offred remembers them. She narrates ...
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