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Huckleberry Finn in the Face of Ethical Predicament - Essay Example

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Huckleberry Finn in the Face of Ethical Predicament

As a result to the search for inexpensive labor, the nation employed Africans who are unaware of the system, hence, can be subjected to strict employer methods (5). Prejudice over their complexion and race has led “white” American people to treat them as possessions (9). Hence, slavery emerged. In the 1600s, one can sell or buy a person (7). These persons, regarded as slaves, are living things that are entitled to no rights. Friendship, romance or any kind of humane relationship between white and black people seemed insanely probable. People gradually began questioning the foundations of such beliefs (9). The ethical standpoint of claims that there is inequality among races incrementally challenged. Innumerable literary pieces about slavery have gradually emerged over the years. Most of them geared on questioning the righteousness and legality of slavery as a system. One of these literary pieces is Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. It was after the World War II that the literary piece was officially deemed as an outstanding personification of America, aiming to encourage people to treat everybody equally just like Huckleberry Finn did with Jim (Arac 21). Over time, Twain’s book has reached worldwide popularity and thus, is highly regarded as a masterpiece (Steinke 3). From the original writing, countless adaptations were made in films, musicals, stage acts and even cartoons. Mark Twain’s work highlighted realizations and is considered the Great American Novel because of its interwoven treatment of themes of morality, democracy and the frontier ethic (Steinke 3). In the novel, Huckleberry Finn is a lad of thirteen or fourteen years who developed friendship with an African-American slave Jim. Jim is a fugitive trying to free himself from slavery. Huck’s internal conflict stemmed from the dilemma of turning Jim in or helping the latter escape (Zidek 17). Huck Finn’s debonair attitude did not prevent him from choosing what he believes is right. Cross-racial friendship developed between Huck and Jim through their journey down the river (Doring 22). Their camaraderie has enable Huck to see past Jim’s race, resulting in his alliance with Jim (17). Mark Twain’s novel has triumphantly displayed humanitarian justice over the deformities of human law (Margolis 337). It represented the aspect of morality resulting to success over society’s mischief (Zidek 47). The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn exposed the people to the challenge of conforming to the norms or going against it when the law seemed erroneous. The protagonist is a symbol of unity and acceptance for the nation (Arac 21). Huck is not properly educated, has a dysfunctional family in the form of his father, is not wealthy and was deprived of things boys his age are experiencing, and yet, Huck has been able to distinguish his humanity by heeding to the call of his conscience (Margolis 331). The option to turnover Jim seems irresistible. Aside from the possibility of receiving a hefty sum, there is also a chance of claiming honor (Arac 47). Huck, who belongs to the lower class society, could have gotten merit for returning a slave (47) but he did not give in to any of it. He defied the law by protecting Jim. Huckleberry Finn is just a teen, an impoverished citizen but one who possesses untainted mind and undauntable attitude. The quagmire he encountered centered on choosing between what one thinks is right and what others ...Show more
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Author’s number 21 June 2012 Huckleberry Finn in the Face of Ethical Predicament Fairy tales begin with ‘once upon a time’. But as adults, we know that history depicts its realities by beginning with phrases such as ‘there was a time’…
Huckleberry Finn in the Face of Ethical Predicament
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