How do Lolita and Humbert differ in their abilities to deal with the past? What do these differences reveal about their characters? - Book Report/Review Example

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How do Lolita and Humbert differ in their abilities to deal with the past? What do these differences reveal about their characters?

Still, each hero coexists with his/her addictions in a different way. That is preconceived by the special features of character of Lolita and Humbert that are going to be discussed.
Lolita is described as “the quintessence of the nymphet, discovered by total accident in an Eastern American small town” (Janeway, n.p). Her character correlates with the tempting and even devil images that have been found by Humbert. Still, she also can be an ordinary American girl that desires to be happy. Her ambiguous image seems to be interesting to the reader. Lolita’s traction to the adult men remains to be unusual and curious. Surpassingly, that is happened because of the example that her mother presets. The matter is that her father has been an old man that is much older than her mother. To such extent, small girl has seen an old man near her young mother since the early childhood. Lolita may subconsciously percept elder men as an objects of love and passion. Still, her passion has never obsessive and she always was willing to escape from the object of her delight. According to this, it is possible to argue that Lolita is unstable and fickle. This girl does not know exactly what she wants and how she desired to live.
On the other hand, Humbert’s passion has been stable and strong. The matter is that this man always has some gravity to the young and even small girls. Still, Lolita is considered to be special for him. “She had entered my world, umber and black Humberland, with rash curiosity” admits Humbert about this young lady (Nabokov, 152). This man cannot resist the temptation considering the passion and love to this girl. Humbert does not like his pedophile inclinations and make a try to change them, still he has been failed (Boyd, 313-314). His passion comes to him since early childhood and is connected with his child love Annabel. He has been able to find the features of his ...
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Nabokov creates an incredible story that experiences a huge critics and appreciation in different circles. Its central characters construct the story…
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